Morgans at Work


Ranch Rodeo
John has been using Mossrose Top of the World for ranch rodeos since 2006. Together, they have become a good team.
In the Fall of 2008, John rode Mossrose Top of the World, along with his three team mates to a year end finish of third place in the Bear Valley Riders Ranch Rodeo series.
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Team Roping
Mossrose Top of the World is currently working toward being a heel horse for team roping.


Many of our horses have gone on to be dynamite in the dressage arena!
Mossrose Opening Verse is owned by Ravenwood Farm
Toni and Jamie Smith ~ Bellville, Ohio
Training Level Dressage Champion & Sport Horse Champion, 2002 Gold Cup
Reserve Dressage Champion, 2002 Buckeye
Mossrose Regalia is owned by Debra Smart
Ridden by Debra & her daughter, Maggie ~ Warrior's Mark, Pennsylvania
In July of 2008, Maggie & Reg went to the Pony Club Nationals where they won the National Quadrille Championship! Great Job Maggie & Reg!!


Trail Partners
Whatever job our horses have, one thing they learn early on in their training is how to be a good trail horse.  Some continue as trusted trail partners for their new owners.
Below left, John builds confidence in Whippoorwill Daybreak. Below right, Jane is introducing Whippoorwill Daybreak to water.
We took our friend Dan and his girlfriend, Erin, on a trail ride when they were here visiting from Santa Barbara, California. Dan had a great time riding Mossrose Top of the World and agreed with Jane's statement: "He's an ATV!"
We had visitors from Nantucket Island here to meet our Morgans. We had a most wonderful day out in the back country of Wisconsin.
Trail riding is an excellent activity to do with horses to just kick back, relax & enjoy some quality time with friends.
Below left, Don Davis rides Mossrose Snazzy almost everyday for pleasure in Carlyle, Illinois.
Below right, Mossrose Penny takes care of Megan Motter out on the trail in Cooperstown, North Dakota.


Just For Fun!
Jane spent a lot of time riding Red Rose Star Dancer in 2008. Sometimes training is all about fun!
Jane also is starting Red Rose Star Dancer working cattle. Here the pair is doing some sorting.


Making Friends
The personality of the Morgan Horse lends itself perfectly to making friends! It comes naturally because they love people. We share them with friends & get them out in public whenever the opportunity arises.
Below left, Jane & Sue give a young man a ride at a Sermon on the Mount event. Below right, John introduces the boys to roping a wild steer!
Our friend, Gretchen, loves to ride Chief. Gretchen lives in the city & talks to John about buying Chief & keeping him in her garage. John tells her Chief is free, but his halter is really going to cost a lot! Below right, Terry gives her daughter, Kira, her first ride on a horse.
A gentleman that Jane works with brought his young daughters over for their first ride on a horse. Chief sure keeps busy introducing youngsters to horses!
Below left, Mossrose Regalia loves her job of teaching young ladies to ride. It looks like they love her too!
Below right, Mossrose Xtravagance & her puppy friend, Luna. Both live at Krila Morgans in Alberta, Canada.
Below left, Mossrose Avalon checks out his new neighbors!
Below right, Xora Kitty soaks up warmth on the back of Whippoorwill Salus as she helps Jane clean stalls.