2023 Expected Foal

Edgefield Patriot x Mossrose Dandy Jewel

We did this same cross in 2019 and were so impressed with the result that we did it again! This foal will be available.


2022 Foal

Whippoorwill Aristocrat x LBF Cajun Queen

We are grateful to Polly Smith of Little Brook Farm Morgans in Connecticut for another year's lease on the beautiful buckskin mare, LBF Cajun Queen. Queen is a 19 year mare who did competitive trail riding in her younger days. She is very sweet, bold and easy to have around. 100% Foundation bloodlines. Bred to Whippoorwill Aristocrat, Queen foaled a handsome black colt named Mossrose Royal. Royal is a good looking boy with a promising dressage future. Royal is spoken for.


2021 Foals

Whippoorwill Newmoon x LBF Cajun Queen

We hope to bring our Morgans into modern times while keeping an eye on the heritage of the breed. This cross definitely keeps heritage in mind. It goes back to the well for some old bloodlines with our 32 year old multi-champion reining stallion Whippoorwill Newmoon and the lovely 17 year old competitive trail riding mare LBF Cajun Queen. As Newmoon nears the end of the trail, I can't thank Polly Smith and Noel Radcliffe enough for making Queen available to carry Newmoon's final foal. You both have hearts of gold and we are grateful. 100% Foundation bloodlines.

This cross produced a black colt we have named Mossrose Midnight Moon (Mac). Mac is being retained.

Whippoorwill Aristocrat x Mossrose Ysabella

The second foal expected in 2021 will be a new cross. Tonya Bruno of Matton Morgans in Hillsborough, North Carolina and I have a shared love of the Whippoorwill Morgans. We both built our breeding herds on these lines with the help of our mentor and friend, Mary Jean Vasiloff. Tonya was kind enough to let her successful dressage stallion, Whippoorwill Aristocrat, move West to our farm. Cat is one of just a few stallions with a sire line to Whippoorwill Duke. With a pedigree that has performance horses on every line of his pedigree, we are very excited to see this foal out of Mossrose Ysabella. Bella is a wonderful riding horse with a no muss no fuss personality. Bella qualifies as one of the sweetest horses we've ever had the pleasure of knowing! She takes after her dam, Whippoorwill Salus (by Califonio) in so many ways. 100% Foundation bloodlines.

This cross produced a lovely and substantial smokey black filly, Mossrose Noblesse. Noble now resides in Texas with her owner Gia Long.

Whippoorwill Aristocrat x Mossrose Fiesta Gold

In May of 2021 we are expecting a dynamite foal by Whippoorwill Aristocrat and the gorgeous Mossrose Fiesta Gold. From day 1, Fiesta has shown an abundance of natural athletic ability and beauty. John has been riding her and she is going good in the arena and out on the trails. This will be Fiesta's first foal and I can't imagine it will be anything less than spectacular! This cross will bring forward a beautifully linebred pedigree of Red Correll and Squire Burger. Red Correll through his son Blackwood Correll as well as the handsome Squire Burger through his son Whippoorwill Duke and daughter Whippoorwill Melody. 100% Foundation bloodlines.

This cross produced a stunning smokey black filly, Mossrose Natalia. Talia has been retained.

OGO Luna Illuminati x Mossrose Dandy Jewel

This is the fourth foal expected at Mossrose Morgans in 2021. It's a new cross and also part of the first foal crop for the 14 year old stalion OGO Luna Illuminati. 5 years ago we sold a lovely young Whippoorwill Newmoon daughter named Mossrose Moondancer to Illuminati's owner. This year each of us worked to get our Newmoon daughters in foal to Illuminati. Jewel has crossed beautifully with Flyhawk bred stallions producing big, tall, athletic, sport-type foals. Illuminati's top side is nicely line bred to Flyhawk with additional crosses to Knox Morgan and Jubilee King. However, Illuminati's bottom side brings in old Whippoorwill breeding through one of the early Grand Prix dressage stallions, Whippoorwill Ebony (7 registered offspring) as well as the sweet riding mare Whippoorwill Jazana. There are very few descendants of these particular Whippoorwill Morgans. We are honored to be able to perpetuate them for the future. 100% Foundation bloodlines.

This cross produced a chestnut colt that is one of the best we have seen. An exceptional cross without a doubt! Mossrose North Star now resides in Pennsylvania with his owner Rob Robillard.


2020 Foals

Mossrose Miss Montana

This is the sixth cross for Whippoorwill Newmoon and Mossrose Ysabella. After 5 colts in a row, Bella had a smoky black filly on April 16, 2020. Mossrose Miss Montana is destined to be a grand mare! Tana was chosen by Jack and Nadette Stang to be part of the Gladheart Farm Morgans in Corvallis, Oregon. With Tana's performance focused pedigree and natural talent, she should serve them well. 100% Foundation bloodlines.
Click Here to watch a YouTube video of Tana on May 7, 2020 at 3 weeks old.

Mossrose Mark Time

This is the first foal born to the buckskin stallion, Edgefield Patriot, and I am thrilled with him! Patriot is a nice smooth mover with a wonderful disposition. I have always admired Sunup Neptune, Patriot's grandsire. I was able to meet Neptune in person and raise two of his foals, so I've been looking forward to this foal. 100% Foundation breeding. Born on Memorial Day, Marcus is a big substsantial colt that is as friendly as can be. He is homozygous black and shedding out to a rich dark bay. Marcus has some sort of quality I can only describe as endearing. There is something about him that draws us to him. We are going to hang on to Marcus for a while and see how he matures.


2018 Foals

Mossrose King Correll

Mossrose King Correll was born May 21, 2018. He is a fancy dark chestnut colt with 2 hind socks, star and strip. King is by Quantum Midnight Magic and out of Mossrose Dandy Jewel. He is a tall rugged colt with a lot of bone, short back, laid back shoulder & some really long legs! He has been very friendly from the start and very easy going. 100% Foundation breeding.
Click Here for a link to a YouTube video of King taken July 25, 2018. My helper Grace is showing me what he has learned thus far.

Mossrose Kings Bluff

Mossrose Ysabella had a stunning palomino colt with 3 socks and a star by Whippoorwill Newmoon on June 4, 2018. He hit the ground running and hasn't stopped yet! He is an independent boy and keeps his mom on the move. Nothing bothers this colt as you can see in the video below. 100% Foundation breeding.
Click Here for a link to a YouTube video of Scout taken July 25, 2018. My helper Grace is showing me what he has learned thus far.


2017 Buckskin Colt

Mossrose Juneau
Mossrose Ysabella had a tall fancy buckskin colt May 23, 2017. He is sired by Whippoorwill Newmoon. This colt is 100% Foundation and colorful. Jace is a super easy colt to work with and for the most part not worried about anything.


2016 Foal

Mossrose Iron River
Only one foal for us in 2016. Mossrose Iron River was born May 29th. He is a 100% Foundation smokey black colt sired by Whippoorwill Newmoon and out of our Montana Harvest daughter, Mossrose Ysabella.
Click Here for a link to a YouTube video of River at 10 weeks old, August 2016.


2015 Foal

Mossrose Moondancer
Our one expected foal for 2015 made an appearance on June 29th. It is a 100% Foundation bay filly sired by Whippoorwill Newmoon and out of our 15.3H palomino mare, Red Rose Stardancer.


2014 Foals

Mossrose Golden Ridge
Mossrose Ysabella (Montana Harvest x Whippoorwill Salus) had a buckskin colt on May 5. His sire is Whippoorwill Newmoon. This colt is growing well and really changing colors a lot. He resembles his dam in that he is very laid back & nothing seems to bother him. Pictures taken at 3 days old.

Mossrose Glady Dancer
Red Rose Stardancer (Triple S Bald Eagle x Mon Tana Dancer) had a chestnut filly in July. Her sire is Whippoorwill Newmoon. We really like the way she is growing and think she will make an excellent using horse. She works nicely off of her hindquarters & should excel at most any discipline. She is very friendly and bold with attitude and athleticism to burn.

2013 Foals
Mossrose Moon Shadow. Handsome buckskin colt born April 26, 2013. Sired by Whippoorwill Newmoon and out of Mossrose Ysabella.
Mossrose Fiesta Gold. Stunning palomino filly born April 28, 2013. Sired by Whippoorwill Newmoon and out of Whippoorwill Goldusty.

2011 Foals

Mossrose Dandy Jewel
Whippoorwill Halo presented us with a bay filly on May 26. Her sire is Whippoorwill Newmoon. This filly is cuter than a bug's ear & she has time for as many scratches as her human friends have time to give her! She was quite filled out and big when she was born. We think she will be a substantial girl with plenty of good bone. Pictures taken at 9 hours old.
This filly's coloring is quite interesting to us. We haven't had a bay with a black patch over the hips & shoulders before. We believe this is indicative of an adult color of very dark bay.


2011 Colt, Mossrose Dark Knight
This is the first foal for Windfall and he is show stopping! What a great little athlete he is already. His sire is Whippoorwill Newmoon. He is the most beautiful deep red color that John and I have every seen. He has a super cute face & great conformation.


2010 Foals

Whippoorwill Capella
Whippoorwill Capella was born May 16, 2010. She is by Whippoorwill Newmoon and out of Whippoorwill Halo. What a terrific cross. This black filly was born at Mossrose Morgans and is owned by McCulloch Farm. Capella is sweet, sweet, sweet!!! She is easy going, bold, athletic to beat the band and has practically trained herself to lead! Wonderful!

Mossrose 2010 Colt
This colt was born July 15, 2010. His sire is Whippoorwill Newmoon and his dam is Whippoorwill Salus. We are impressed with this boy and will be retaining him for a stallion prospect. He is quite tall compared to past Salus foals. He thinks quite highly of himself, has a great sense of humor and bold attitude. We have given him the barn name "Rocket," so you can about imagine his personality! He is exceptional in all areas to date.