FAQ's Regarding the Purchase of a Mossrose Morgan

I have found a Morgan on your For Sale page I am interested in. What do I do next?
Contact us by email or telephone and let us know which Morgan you are interested in. We will be happy to give you all available information on the horse.

Is the price listed for each horse a firm price or would you be offended if I made an offer?
Generally the price listed is a firm price unless otherwise noted. However, we are not the type of people to get offended, so if you have special needs for pricing, please let us know and we can discuss it. If you feel the horse is worth less than what we are asking, we are open for discussion. We keep up to date on what horses are selling for, so we try to be as fair as possible. If the horse's price is higher than another, it is most often due to a higher quality animal or higher level of training. Prices increase as more training is completed.

How do I pay for the horse?
The horse needs to be paid for in full before it leaves our farm. You may pay by cash or personal check if there is time for the check to clear before the horse is picked up. We also accept payments by wire transfer.

Will you hold a Morgan horse for me?
If a horse is for sale, that horse is available until someone has put money down to hold the horse or has paid in full. If you know you want to make a purchase, but need a little more time to gather resources we will hold a horse for you. To hold a horse, we need $500 non-refundable down. The hold is good for 30 days and the $500 is applied to the purchase price.

Do I need a vet check?
We leave the option of a vet check totally up to the buyer. We do our best to describe to you everything we know about the horse. If it is a comfort to you to have an outside party look the horse over, we are more than happy to arrange a vet check. We want our buyers to be happy and confident they have done what they feel is best. About 25% of our customers will have a vet check done.

How do I hire a vet to do the check?
In the past, we have chosen a vet for our customers. We work with three different area vet clinics, each with different specialties and scheduling abilities. Based on how quickly you desire a vet check and how important cost is to you, we can schedule the vet check for you. The vet will come out to our farm to do the check and then contact you personally via fax or telephone with the results. The vets are open to questions and will talk to you privately and confidentially. In most cases, you will be billed by the vet clinic and pay them directly. We trust our vets to do a good job and to be fair and honest. If you would like to find a different vet on your own, you are welcome to do so.

What does a vet check involve?
A basic vet check is something like a basic physical for a human. The vet looks at eyes, ear, nose, mouth, etc. to determine overall health. Flex tests are done on each leg to determine if there is any lameness noted. The basic vet check usually runs between $100 and $150. Additional vet work can be done such as x-rays of the joints to determine joint health, or if purchasing a mare for breeding a reproductive exam and ultrasound may be in order.

How do I know I can trust you? I have never met you.
Horses are a serious hobby for us. We have much invested. We are in the horse business for the long haul and so we have a reputation to protect. We strive to treat others as we would like to be treated. On our website is a page entitled Horses Sold and Customer Comments. Horses we have sold are listed there along with their new owner's comments about the horse or the sales transaction. We can put you in touch with past customers also, so you can correspond with them privately if desired.

Will you guarantee the horse?
We are sorry, but we cannot put any guarantees on a horse. There are so many variables with live animals and with the human/horse connection. We will do our best to tell you what we know and what we think the horse will be suited for, but we cannot make any guarantees.

I live a long ways from River Falls, Wisconsin. How far can a horse be safely shipped?
Like most humans, horses are resilient creatures. Many horses travel all over the world for competition. There are several commercial haulers experienced in hauling horses all over the United States and abroad. Horses are strong and adaptable to their surroundings, so travel quite well on long trips.

I am not able to haul the horse myself, how do I get it home?

Within the USA:
We may be willing to haul a horse within 150 miles of our farm depending on our other farm obligations. We keep a list of commercial haulers we have used in the past and have had good dealings with that we can recommend. It is the buyer's responsibility to transport the horse to his/her new home and to hire a commercial hauler if need be. We have sold our Morgans all over the United States, so are familiar with the requirements needed to get the horse ready for transport.

We have sold horses overseas, so are familiar with the process of international shipping and the preparations necessary. Once the horse is paid for in full, the buyer would hire a broker to arrange a flight for the horse. Based on the flight date, a pick-up is scheduled by the broker to haul the horse from our farm to a quarantine facility, or if allowed, we can accomodate the quarantine time at our farm. A broker will still need to be hired to arrange the flight for the horse and transport the horse from our farm to the airport after the quarantine time is complete.

I am not set up for the horse to come to my home yet, will you board the horse until I am ready for him/her to arrive?
Yes, we can board the horse until you are ready for him/her. The horse must still be paid for in full.

What if something happens to the horse after I buy him/her, but before I get him/her in my personal care?
Once the horse is paid for in full, the horse is legally yours. You are responsible for its' care including any vet or farrier expenses. We work hard to take the best care of our horses, but they are horses and things can happen.

Will I hear from Mossrose Morgans again after I buy a horse from them?
Yes! We thoroughly enjoy keeping in touch with our past customers. The relationships are priceless. We can offer advice on any topic related to your horse if you ask. We have even helped customers train their horses to ride through daily emails. We love to be kept up-to-date with pictures and the current happenings of you and your horse.