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Thank you to our 2012 customers!
Going to Illinois ~ Thank you Susan!
Mossrose Avalon
Click Here for a link to a YouTube video of Avalon at three years old
Staying in Wisconsin ~ Thank You Mary!
Mossrose Dark Knight
Thank you to our 2010 customer!
Going to Washington!
Californio Rojo
Rojo has a sturdy, powerful, correct build with rock solid feet and legs, a very calm demeanor and, consistent with Salus offsprng, a no muss, no fuss attitude. Rojo loves people and has an exceptional work ethic.
Click Here for a link to a YouTube video of Rojo.
Be a good boy my handsome Rojo!
Thank you to our 2008 customer!
Sold to Pat Lengyel of Owego, New York!
Whippoorwill Daybreak
Davey stands 15-1/4H. He has plenty of substance and an easy going personality make him a pleasure to have around. He is solid black with a small roan star and thick, wavy mane, tail and forelock. He has excellent feet and legs and confirmation that is unmistakably Morgan.
We wish Pat and her family all the best with Davey!
Thank you to our 2007 customer!
Sold to Ed Paine of West Paducah, Kentucky!
Mossrose ZZ Hollywood - 2007 Colt
(Whippoorwill Daybreak x Gold Cross Miss Flicka)
This colt is another deluxe athlete! Flicka's last stud colt was just like this one, phenomenal!! I can't say enough about this colt. From the beginning this colt has been dancing like the famous Lipizzaners in Vienna. He has been doing sliding stops and rollbacks like a reining horse. He can cover ground with an amazing lofty trot like a dressage horse. From the beginning, this colt has "sat down" on his hindquarters to stop. Hollywood is very friendly and shows some boldness. His sire is solid as a rock, bold and very easy to have around. This colt will look a lot like his sire in stature and substance. I am excited for Ed and look forward to watching this pair and what they will be doing in the future.
Thank you to our 2006 customer!
Mossrose Tanzanite
Sold to Michele Tkac of Bristol, Connecticut!
Black filly born April 15, 2006. Above picture taken as a yearling.  This filly is BIG and has plenty of substance!  She is by our stallion, Whippoorwill Daybreak and out of our beautiful mare, Gold Cross Miss Flicka.  This filly has a beautiful face along with a hind sock and unique star to add some flash.  She is put together right and has a smooth, floating trot.
Thank you to all of our 2005 customers!
Mossrose Regalia
Sold to Debra Smart of Warrior's Mark, Pennsylvania!
Mossrose Regalia is a 1999 Primavera Valdez daughter. She is a sooty palomino color. Her mane, tail and forelock are a mix of red, black, grey and white hairs. Reg is doing great with her new rider Maggie (Debra's daughter)! They are learning dressage together.
Mossrose Xtravagance
Sold to Larry and Kristi Roy of Krila Morgans in Canada!
Black filly born April 22, 2005. Above picture taken as a 2 year old.  Fancy, elegant, beautiful and as sweet as can be!  This filly is classy.  She is by Whippoorwill Daybreak and out of Gold Cross Miss Flicka.  This filly has her mother's beautiful head along with her father's friendly, willing personality and color.  She is put together right and has a breathtaking way of going.
Cattin Around Cowboy (Indy)
Sold to Alison Baron of Oronoco, Minnesota!
This is a 1997 sorrel Quarter Horse gelding, Cattin Around Cowboy (Indy).  He is a 16H impressive hunk of a guy!  Most people that get up close to him can only smile and say "WOW!" This horse oozes with power, but is a gentle giant. What makes him so special is that you can have that power if you want it or Indy is perfectly happy to be Mr. Mellow. Indy's mother was the most powerful horse out of the roping box that John has ever ridden, with a willing heart as big as you will find.  Indy proves to be following in her footsteps.   Indy and his brother Puck, shown below, both have an extra gear above most horses we have seen.  Both geldings power off their hindquarters to an amazing speed.  Not only is Indy powerful and fast, but he is a super mover and could make it big in the dressage and jumping arena as well.

Indy is by the stallion Cowboy Medley (Jet A Van X Medley Time by Easy Jet) and out of the mare Fiddlers Cat by Fiddler's Choice by Otoe. Fiddlers Cat is out of Yellow Cat Bar 2 by Bold Dancer.

Cat's Last Cowboy (Puck)
Sold to Kari Best of Colfax, Wisconsin!
Puck is a 2002 sorrel Quarter Horse gelding. Puck is a full brother to the above horse, Cattin' Around Cowboy.
Mossrose Triumphant

Mossrose Triumphant is the best looking Morgan we have ever raised. Many people claimed he may be the best son of Sunup Neptune. The first time my dressage instructor saw Turbo, her mouth dropped open and with a huge smile she said, "That is the most gorgeous horse I have seen in a long time!" 

Rosita Hamar of Shropshire England is the proud new owner of Triumphant.  Ms. Hamar is Europe's largest sport horse breeder with homebred Morgan stock having been top National Champions in Open Competition.  A future of dressage, eventing, jumping and breeding are in the plans for this colt.  After spending 2 years raising Turbo, he is what Mossrose Morgans strives for - a loving personality, willing attitude with athletic ability to take you to the top!  Turbo has got it all and will be a stallion to watch for in the future!

We are so happy Turbo is with such a special owner. Rosita is quite a knowledgable horsewoman, as well as a person of honesty and integrity


Mossrose Penny

Susan Motter of Prairiehill Morgans in Cooperstown, North Dakota chose Mossrose Penny for a mount for her children, John and Megan. Penny has gone on several trail rides and has been in a parade with the Motter's. She will also be going to some shows in the future. She is a sweet mare that tries hard to please. I wish Susan and her children many happy years with Penny

Mossrose Snazzy

Snazzy is a 2000 mare out of Jacque's Lor-Don-Lin and by Triple S Nugget.

"I purchased Snazzy on March 2, 2001 at the age of 8 months.  She is a beautiful and proud filly with a great attitude who is very forgiving of my  lack of equine expertise.  She has a trusting, friendly heart.  Though it didn't start out on friendly terms Snazzy has made the best of friends with Maggie, my black lab.  In the three short months I've owned her she has won the hearts of everyone in the family, even my daughter-in-law who swore they  would move if I bought a horse.  She is a vision of gracefulness to watch as  she lopes across the paddock.  She is quick to learn and knows how to communicate her thoughts to people.  She is spirited, determined, intelligent and curious.  I couldn't find better words to describe my  satisfaction with Snazzy or Mossrose Morgans.  I must also comment on Jane who has gone beyond breeding a fine filly.  Jane has been there to answer every question I've had, providing a wealth of  knowledge on how to properly raise Snazzy and help develop her into a joy to spend time with."

Don Davis
Carlyle, Illinois


This big bay gelding is pictured here as an 8 year old.  He is the fastest learning colt that I have raised.  He is by Sail On Command, a Mad River Sailor grandson, and the mare Jacque's Lor-Don-Lin. 

"Spike" is a joy to ride with his smooth ground covering trot and a big rocking chair canter.  He is currently being shown hunt seat, dressage, jumping and eventing by his owners in Ohio and from what I hear, winning nearly every class he is entered in. Keep up the good work!

SASSY SUE DOCUMENT  (Quarter Horse mare)

Trig is a 1990 palomino mare.  She is a finished heading and heeling horse and is currently doing barrels and break-away roping on the Little Britches rodeo circuit.  She is easy to have around and a pleasure to own. 


This 1985 dark chestnut mare was one of my first broodmares. 

She is not broke, but just watching her move in the pasture she gives the image of a great athlete.  She can leap over big logs and tall fences from a standstill.  Loralie has a lot of fire and attitude and is also a great
mother.  Every one of Loralie's foals has been quality, whether the sire is
of old government breeding or of the western working family. 

Loralie was sold in March of 2002 to Scott and Cheryl Petersen of Seguin, Texas.  I wish them the best of success with this broodmare.


Carmida Mist is a super mare.  She produced great babies for me.  Misty's cheerful attitude and constant "talking" will be missed around our barn.


1999 buckskin mare.  Racy is a well built mare with a gorgeous head like her mother's.  Racy is by Sunup Neptune and out of Carmida Mist.  Racy resides at New Hope Ranch in Lincoln, California.  Her new owners are wonderful people and I wish them the best with this mare!


This horse was the first Morgan I owned.  I bought him at 18 months of age and was so impressed with the horse.  He was easy to train and bonded in time and became my best friend.  It was funny, he almost always knew what I was thinking.  Monte was sold to Eunice Veeder of Decorah, Iowa in the fall of his 2 year old year and I have regretted it ever since.  Eunice writes me once in a while and tells me each time that Monte (now renamed Buddy) is her best friend and seems to almost talk to her at times.  She uses him for Western, English, and trail riding.  Monte is a horse I honestly miss having around and was the start of my love for the Morgan breed.  He is out of my old mare, Reverie's Rose Marie, and by a Quizkid and Westcrest Silver grandson.


This black gelding is Rimlo Black Valiant breeding on the top and bottom sides of his pedigree.  I bought Hawk when he was 3 months old.  He was a handful as a stud colt, but once gelded he became my best friend. 

I started him riding as a 2 year old and had him broke to drive as a 3 year old.  He is a great all around horse.  He will do anything that is asked of him.  I took him to a few shows to enter him in hunt seat and driving classes.  In our first driving class (the first for both of us!) he took first place out of 9 entries.  I felt like we didn't deserve it since the rest of the folks had been driving most of their lives, but Hawk did the best job that day!!  The other drivers were giving me a lot of tips before the class started while we were warming up, so I do need to credit them also.  It was an amazing day for Hawk and I!  This horse will also go all day on a trail ride and never tire.  He had been used for team penning 3 times and roped off of a few times.  He really seemed to take to cattle - he wanted to get after them in a big way! 

I sold Hawk as a 6 year old to be paired up with another black gelding for a man in Denver, Colorado who wanted a team for him and his wife to enjoy driving.  The new owner really likes his team of Morgans.  He drives them a lot and claims they will go anywhere for him.  I am happy that Hawk is still being a good boy - I would expect nothing less from my old friend.


Red is a bright chestnut gelding shown here as a 2 year old.  He is out of my old brown Townshend Doubletake/Windcrest Slendor mare and by a Mad River Sailor grandson.  What a winning attitude this colt has!  Riding him was so much fun!  He was always excited to explore new places with ears forward and moving along at a brisk walk.  He is now happily owned by Sam and Kandi Durbin of Beecher City, Illinois.  They use him for pure pleasure out on the trail.  He is also quiet enough for their kids to ride, which makes them very happy with their decision to purchase Red.

This is a black colt by Edelweiss Magic and out of my old mare, Reverie's Rose Marie.  He was born to be somebody - always standing proud!  What a gorgeous colt!  Phen was sold to Les Miller and his daughter, Donette Waller, from Manito, Illinois as a yearling.  The spring of his 2 year old year, just before he was scheduled to go to a trainer to start his western pleasure training, Phen died in a pasture accident.  I know his owners, as well as myself, feel the hurt and are aware of the loss of this great athlete and wonderful friend.

This mare is out of a Thoroughbred mare I used to have to show hunt seat and a Rimlo Black Valiant Morgan stallion.  People always comment on her beautiful head and loving disposition.  I started her as a 2 year old in 1996 and sold her that summer to, then 14 years old, Amanda Spangler of Holmen, Wisconsin.  Amanda used Spirit in 4-H and even rode her in a parade.

Spirit has been a great friend and inspiration to Amanda.  Amanda calls me every once in a while to tell me how much Spirit means to her and how she has helped Amanda make it through her teen age years!  Horses are wonderful for the soul.

Prairie Rose Stargate
I decided to name this smokey black 1998 filly, Sidney, after the town she was born in.  I bought her from Mike and Cookie Miller of Sidney, Montana.  She has a lot of the qualities I have been looking for to work into my quest for an excellent herd of western working Morgans.  She is by reining stallion Tru West Pure Prairiesmoke.  Sidney carries bloodlines I haven't worked with before, so I am very excited about starting her next spring and seeing what she can do.

We lost Sidney on 2/15/2000.  We shall miss her.